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You found me!

I market a wide range of unique high quality products for home, health and beauty concerns. Right now I am focused on people who are smart enough to know they need good nutrition, passionate about eliminating the toxins in their environment, and committed to doing all they can for the health of their family. These are people who also value the ease of one-stop shopping 24/7. And best of all they love getting personal attention and service. Do you know someone like that?

I wanted to let you know I am expanding my business and was wondering if you can help me.

In my expansion I am looking for an entrepreneurial business partner who has experience in sales and marketing. I am especially interested in working with an enthusiastic person who has leadership skills and understands the value of building multiple streams of income. Do you know of anyone like that?


Now interviewing click here: Carol@ABreathAwayGroup.com


Best of Health, Wealth & Happiness,


Carol Froehlich-Hull