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I was “living the dream.” I had a husband, two kids, and a beautiful home in the suburbs and loving my life as a stay-at-home mom. Since I had always liked having my own money, I started a small business from home as a children’s entertainer. I was an opera singer and musical theater performer before having kids so entertaining little ones was a natural fit. I created a streamlined process for classes, events, and birthday parties that worked around my kids’ schedule. I could even bring my kids with me when they were little. Music Movement Tunes & Tales was a big happy success until my awful chronic allergies turned into adult asthma. It stopped me in my vocal, and energy, tracks. I couldn’t sing, let alone hardly breathe. My kids were still small, only 3 and 6, and I had no help to care for them during the day. I didn’t know what I was going to do.


My doctors had put me on asthma inhalers and prednisone. I was one sick mama. I had searched for natural solutions, but in the pre-internet that sort of information was hard to find. Finally, a friend suggested products she used and the results were miraculous! Six-and-a-half weeks later my allergies and asthma were gone. I tossed those drugs right out. My health restored, I was over-the-moon about the products. You can say I was obsessed.Well, think about it, wouldn’t you fall in love with a product that changed your life? My friends and family noticed the difference in me and not only wanted to know what I was using, they wanted to try it too. It was a natural transition to sell those products to other health-conscious people. And in just a few short months my little part-time hobby with this company made more money than the six years I spent in the children’s entertainment business. I was passionate about the product and pleased with the results so I retired “Music Movement Tunes & Tales.”

Following my passion put me in a good place for life’s next curveball. A few years later,after a very rocky marriage, my husband abandoned me with barely a month’s notice. He left me and the kids with the unpaid bills, the mortgage payment, the taxes, the upkeep of the house, and more. Heck, the lease on the van was about to end too.  So my little part-time hobby became a part-time career that supported me and my kids. The income paid all the bills, earned me a new car, free vacations, and much more. That was 23 years ago.

To accomplish this, I created a process that kept me balanced with home, kids, personal time, and business.

It wasn’t easy however much easier than taking a job out of the house dealing with daycare, commuting, a boss, etc. Plus now I have passive residual income coming in every month for the past 23 years. One of the side benefits of my home business has been getting educated and certified in leadership,  health coaching & personal growth which lead me to train with leaders in these fields like Tony Robbins, Karen Hoyos, Sifu Romain, Steve Linder,  Darren Hardy and Dr. Joe Dispensa to name a few. Plus self-educating through reading books, listening to CDs and Videos.

Though out all this time I also continued to sing and perform in major arenas across the country and at fundraising events plus women’s groups.  I figured out a way I can combine all my passions of singing, speaking and coaching and gave birth to Carol Froehlich…Inspirational Speaker, Opera Singer,  Life, Career & Health Coach, helping people transform their dreams into reality.

Call me today for a free 45 min. coaching session: (914) 834-3137 or my cell: (914) 714-9850